What Would You Do?

This Christmas thousands of families with a seriously ill child will be faced with heartbreaking decisions.
At a time usually associated with joy, it can be tough to smile. We're inspired by these families' strength and courage.
So for a moment, imagine it was your child and your family. Walk in their shoes and see, what would you do?

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your child has been in hospital for months. The only thing keeping them going through treatment is knowing they're coming home for Christmas. You've just been told they're too sick to come home.

Your child wants you to stay by their hospital bed on Christmas Eve but your other kids want you to wake up at home on Christmas morning. You want nothing more than for your family to be together at Christmas.

your child is too sick to come home from hospital on Christmas Day. Your other kids find seeing their sibling in hospital distressing. You don't want anyone upset at Christmas, but you want your family together.

these difficult decisions were based on stories shared with us from real Starlight families. There are no right or wrong answers, just compromise, sacrifice and getting through one day at a time.
How do they find joy and happiness when so much has been taken away? How do they keep their children's hopes and dreams alive at Christmas?

The good news is, it's possible!

With You.

And Starlight.